Corn Trails Where Getting Lost is A-Mazing!

Can you navigate our trails without getting lost?

Come on ... Take our challenge!

Corn Trails is a non traditional corn maze located near the north end of Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan.

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We prefer to call our maze "trails" due to the fact that our paths follow more of a meandering puzzle rather than the traditional 90 degree angle measured path maze.

We cut our own trails randomly with a entrance and exit in mind.  The trails in between just evolve as we cut.

Lots of deadends and loops are incorporated to add difficulty and fun.

In 2015, there were 12 nature signs throughout the area to read along your way.  We have also added a gps puzzle and a scavenger hunt list that can be taken in the trails.

As popular as ever is our Sunday Searches where kids who find a hidden ball can bring 1 back to the entrance for a prize.


On the grounds...

Corn Trails has become more than just a corn maze, it has become a spot for a great family outing.  We offer a nice sheltered firepit/picnic site with a play area.  Wood, weiner sticks and a grate to cook on is provided.

We also have large round bales, popular for kids to play on and have become a great spot for photo opportunities!

Various activities have changed over the years including such things as a ribbon maze and yard games. 

2016 saw an addition of a 18 hole rustic mini golf course!

There are no modern facilities on site.  Flashlights and outhouses it is.

Canora Beach is only 2 miles away for those who like to spend time soaking in the warm fall sun on the beach.

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