Frequently Asked Questions and Other Trail Information:

*ALL HOURS are weather permitting.

We will not allow anyone access to Trails if ground conditions are muddy or slippery. This is for your safety and also to preserve trail conditions.  If in doubt before traveling, please call to confirm or stayed tuned to Corn Trails facebook page.  There have been days in the past where the morning looked promising and then we got rained out causing us to close for the day.


A picnic/firepit area is located within the yard, located in the middle of an old bluff of maple trees.  There is an outhouse on site.

At the picnic area there are a couple picnic tables and childrens tables.  There is a firepit with a grate to cook on.  We have a couple of wiener sticks.  Wood is provided and the fire is your responsibility.  On windy days we may prohibit the use of a fire.

A rest area is located approximately half way through the trails in a lightly shaded area of trees.  There is a porta potty at this location.


Yes, you are trespassing if you enter the trails without us being present when you enter.  If you arrive during what should be open hours & find our gate closed, please wait or call us to confirm that someone is on their way to open for you!  On a rare occasion, a farming situation makes us a little late!


Will you get lost? 

;)  That is the whole idea, isn't it??!!  There is a way out!  Technically there is 2 ways out...the entrance and the exit.  Your goal is to find the exit!!  We have never permanently lost anyone yet!


Why do I need to sign a waiver? 

It is our little agreement that while we have done our part to try to keep you as safe as possible while you are visiting the trails, you will also do your part to abide by our rules while on our premises.


Is there anything to be aware of out there?

Absolutely!  Keep in mind you are going to be walking through a crop and the furthest point of the trails is almost 1/2 mile from the entrance/exit.  There is no immediate way out.

Wildlife can also be seen on the trails.  You may encounter deer in the evenings.  They scare easily and often can be heard running away.  We have even had yearling moose who are used to feeding on the crop stay all year, and have even used the trails during the day.  You will also see evidence of these moose, coyotes, rabbits etc. who we find travel the trails at night.

There are other hazards such as ditches, sloughs, barbed wire fences, etc.  This is why it is important to stay on the trails at all time, which avoid those areas.


Are pets allowed? 

We have permitted well behaved dogs on a leash with no problems before.  Please be responsible to clean up after them though.

Be aware that there may occasionally be a farm dog on site that is not accustom to other dogs.


Is there any food available to purchase? 

We have simple snacks such as granola bars, cookies etc. and bottled water for sale.

A simple concession type menu may ocassionally be provided during the weekends.  Watch facebook to see what's cooking!


Can I bring a wheel chair, scooter or stroller? 

Please keep in mind...this is a seeded crop in a dirt field, trails are not paved!  Trail conditions all depend on the season's weather and do change throughout the season.  Lots of parents bring strollers and wagons and find no problems.  Wheel chairs and scooters however haven't been as successful.


What should I wear?

On hot days, the temperature inside the corn is hotter and there tends to be less of a breeze.  Dress appropriately or in layers and wear a hat.  Mosquitoes tend to be more intense inside the corn as well due to the moisture.  We don't recommend sandals at any time.


How long will it take to go through the trails? 

On average, our total length of time each season has been about 1 hour to finish the trails.  Depending how many wrong turns you take!  Some people have been in and out in 20 minutes and others have taken well over an hour.  Some people also take time to "rest" at a designated spot about half way through.  The amount of time you spend there will affect your total trail time.


How far will I be walking? 

On average from each season, our total trail distance has been just over 2 miles with the correct trails being around the 1 mile mark.  How many wrong turns or repeat trails you do will affect the distance you travel!  Our record distance year was in 2018 with a total of 4.8 miles.


What do you do with the corn? 

We grow the corn field each year for the purpose of winter feeding our cattle.  For that reason, we ask you respect that and ask you not to pick or trample the corn.  We assume you will explain this to any children you will be responsible for.

We also ask that you do not litter in the corn.  There is designated areas for garbage, cans and bottles at the entrance/exit and half way.  We use our machinery to harvest the corn and let our cows out to graze the corn when our fun is over in the trails.  We are still picking up drink bottles in June throughout the field from last falls trail season.


Do you get any vandalism? 

Yes, we sure do.  Every year we have had unauthorized entrance of the trails at night and some damage done to the standing crop and trails.  Halloween always sees its fair share of corn damage and minor vandalism.  2013 saw extreme trail damage and a couple major prop thefts and vandalism.  Trail cameras will be in use this fall for after hours and more "security" will be in effect for the halloween event.


Can I bring my school class for a field trip during the day?

Absolutely!!  We welcome organized groups of all ages.  We have had nursery school, day care, high school, team builder, scouts, 4H, mental health, birthday groups and everything in between!  Whether it's just for a fun day out together or for an outdoor learning experience, we've got you covered!  Weekdays can be booked ahead for a private tour.  We can work with you for specific requests.